I'm Aaron! Nerdy and a romantic. I love ^ snails and cats!


I was thinking a lot about reasons for someone to adopt an older cat/dog. I came to the conclusion that a lot of people think of companion animals in the same way they think about cars. The newer they are, the longer they will last! But, that’s kind of a strange way of thinking, because I think people lose sight of why they want a companion animal in the first place: companionship. I can’t imagine someone loving an animal for a year, having them pass away, and thinking "man, I can’t believe I wasted all of that money on food and it died so fast!"
I’ve had my cat for about 2 years, and if he passed away today I wouldn’t have thought our short time together was a waste.
I hear people talk about these specific things they want in a companion animal like “must be an all white female under 1 year old!” I really think you should take home the animal you fall in love with, regardless of physical qualities or age. An animal is going to love you unconditionally, so why put conditions on them?

It’s ok if you don’t agree, this is just the stuff that I think about.

(sorry, I’m at work and just scribbled this out because I needed to get it out of me!!)

girl: *complains about guys*
guy: "not all guys are like that!" *proceeds to complain about how all girls generalize about men*